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Kyuzan's Seomra by Kyuzan Masuda   

Rhesa Siregar.Com by Rhesa Siregar

Moclin's Home Page by Yasukawa moclin  

Strange Music Collection by Yo Kubota (Temporarily Not Available)

BENMUSIC.NET by Benjamin Lewis 

Planaria's Homepage by Planaria

T's MIDI Room by S. Takahashi

House of Blackbirds.com  by Joseph Carrillo - This site is a real treasure island for a music lover.  You can listen to many fine music presented here for pure enjoyment and also learn a lot from Joseph's professional skills for film scores.  Splendid.

TwinZZapStudio21 by Michael Salamone -  Michael is the owner/teacher of Music Center in West Seneca, New York.  The site introduces some of his own and collaborative music.  Especially I like the interesting chord progressions in "As She Dances" and "Still Porchin'" project.

Jeff S. Panek   by Jeff S. Panek -  Though this site does not provide so many music, I feel the long and very complex "Piano Orchestration No. 3" has many bursting buds of Jeff's possibilities.  "Organic Travel" and "Piano Orchestration No. 5" are much shorter and simpler but nicely done.

Roberto Ferrari Music Site by Roberto Ferrari - Many of Roberto's music are soothing, relaxing and very gentle to your ears.  If you have some #!$@*& day in your life, definitely you need his music.  His J. S. Bach-inspired fugues are also impressive.

Joe Cavanagh by Joe Cavanagh - Not only being a talented musician in Brazillian Jazz, Joe writes classical music.  A full-fledged brass quintet and attractive chamber music are listed in the page.  Those music are well-woven and filled with a lot of happy surprises.  I love especially a Brasillian taste flute piece named Chorinho pra M.M.

David Sosnowski by David Sosnowski - Listening to David's music is always fun.  It is like an adventurous journey and it will be quite an experience of the music.  Not only the textures are dense and rich, the concentration is very strong.  Musical statements are always very clear.  I am always excited with his music.

Purple Porpoise Music by Richard Wayland - I feel that Richard's music like sounding from another universe.  They may sound first somewhat strange but later reveal its unique nature and you would be addicted to it.  He has one more page in Sibelius Music.   There, you can study scores of his music not only listen to his music by mp3 and midi.  It is not easy to find the secret of his music even if you thoroughly go through his sheet music though.

Musica-"Ars" and Technology by Fabio Vincentini -  I feel Fabio's music is always well-balanced and thoroughly thought out.  Mostly tonal and I think many more new audience will appreciate his music.

Georges Lentz A great composer in Australia.  His work "Guyuhmgan" evoked a deep feeling of owe to the night sky with full of stars.  I certainly share the feeling.

Sound Cruising Club a Japanese composer, Kaori Nabeshima. Contemporary music and... cats.

ASOBI MUSIC GALLERY by Jun-T and jimma;  An incredible site with full of music created by Gigastudio.  Not only classical music including a lot of arrangements for piano duo (even ENTIRE OPERAS!), original music is very much worth to listen to.

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